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PerfClub Call Sept 2020 – Performance Co-Pilot

On the September 2020 PerfClub call, we had 2 presentations about Performance Co-Pilot (http://pcp.io ): “Performance Co-Pilot” by Alan Whinery, more of an investigate-and-report about PCP for the purposes of evaluating various data movement processes “XDMod + PCP Presentation” by Paul Fischer YouTube Video: PDF of Alan’s slides: Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) – PerfClub Paul shared […]

Per-Packet Provenance Part 2: Non-delivered Packets In nuttcp/iperf3 UDP Tests

As I mentioned in Part 0, the point in this series of posts is to observe what we normally refer to as “packet loss” but rather than simply declaring packets “lost”, we find out what happened to them. Back in November, 2016, I took advantage of some time with a test network that our group […]

Per-Packet Provenance Part 0: Introduction

Not at all like the Law Of Thermodynamics, but inevitably calling it to mind, when I considered that I had a lot to write up, and then I decided that the preceding Part 1 would be part of a series, and named it “Per-Packet Provenance” on the spot. The “series” wasn’t very well planned then, […]

Mirabox Arch Linux Install

Various folks around the Club and beyond have been impressed with Globalscale Mirabox, its dual gigabit Ethernets, USB 3.0 ports, CPU and RAM make it a cut above other platforms, hardware-wise, but software support, not so much. The stock kernel lacks kernel functionality to perform such roles as NAT/Firewall/Router, and for some reason, can’t sync […]

Reducing Raspbian Install To Minimum Therbligs With raspbian-ua-netinst

A significant bottleneck in the workflow, when deploying multiple Raspberry Pis is the SD card preparation and then the individual machine config. The default workflow, for the young experimenter market that the Raspberry targets, is to write an SD card, boot the Raspberry Pi from it, connect a keyboard and monitor and answer questions. Fun […]

Temp/Humidity with Raspberry Pi

  Found myself answering this question at the recent Internet2 Tech Exchange in Indianapolis — Can you add temperature and/or humidity sensors to these small devices easily? I have done this with Raspberry Pi more than once. I took old ribbon cables from floppy drives, shortened one connector with a hacksaw, and then cut the […]

Beaglebone Black node logistics Q&A from Lonnie @ LONI

I got a set of good questions from Lonnie Leger, and as I was answering, I thought, this might read well as a post… With his permission, I paste (one or two after-thoughts in parentheses ). =================================================== Probably useful to note that LSU has some Beaglebone Blacks doing things on their network, perhaps for the […]

Little Boxes In The Internet Monitoring Biz

Over the last decade and a half, I often paused to wonder about using small computers for network assessment. The market seemed to be made up of exciting press releases about product that no retailer had in stock, or if they did, there was a prohibitive minimum quantity for purchase. Less than two years ago, […]