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Iperf “self-tests”

From a performance-node-users@internet2.edu┬áthread: https://lists.internet2.edu/sympa/arc/performance-node-users/2013-05/msg00048.html Answer from Ezra Kissel at I.U. , which illuminates some things perhaps relevant to understanding throughput and tester validation. My original question: What is the value or meaning of results from a “self test”, as would occur when one runs an iperf server on a host, and then runs the client […]

NPAD Tweaks

Someday I would like to do a post or page here which ties NPAD/pathdiag up into a neat, comprehensible package. I think that it is probably one of the most useful, least understood parts of perfSONAR, as it offers diagnostics that cannot be found elsewhere. If you want to get a good look an close-in […]