A perfSONAR User's Group

February, 2017

10 Lessons-Learned About Small/Cheap Nodes As perfSONAR Sensors

(Or how I learned to stop worrying and learned to love the SWARM) This is a brain-dumpĀ of some elements of our project to deploy small, cheap devices on our campus network, funded by the NSF CC-NIE Program, with work performed in 2014-2015. Since that project associated me with the idea of “deploying a bunch of […]

Per-Packet Provenance Part 2: Non-delivered Packets In nuttcp/iperf3 UDP Tests

As I mentioned in Part 0, the point in this series of posts is to observe what we normally refer to as “packet loss” but rather than simply declaring packets “lost”, we find out what happened to them. Back in November, 2016, I took advantage of some time with a test network that our group […]