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Some on-line perfSONAR-related resources (last reviewed November 16, 2020):


The perfSONAR home page.


The Internet2 software repository, primary download point for the perfSONAR-PS components, and the pS-Performance Toolkit.

perfSONAR YouTube project page which includes presentations, tutorials and demonstrations.

perfSONAR Components

The composition of perfSONAR and the perfSONAR Toolkit is changing, as of pS version 4.0, which is currently available as release candidates. Please read this RC announcement for details:


The following notes will hopefully clarify the status of some current and past pieces of perfSONAR, which you may be referred to by various web documentation.

owamp (Internet2) – including owampd, a test service daemon, owping, an on-demand test client, and powstream, a continuous stream test, all based on the OWAMP protocol described in RFC 4656. Source, RPMS at software.internet2.edu.

bwctl (Internet2) – (part of perfSONAR from inception through tookit v3.5 – to be superseded by pScheduler) scheduling and policy daemon to manage throughput tests, and a cleint to run tests between daemon hosts (actual tests are run by iperf or nuttcp * . There is also thrulay, which bwctl no longer supports.) Source, RPMS at software.internet2.edu.

The following have been sunsetted/deprecated/mothballed:

NDT (DOE Argonne NL)- includes daemon web100srv, some HTML a Java applet which allows end-users to test network via a web browser, and a command line client written in C. Source, RPMS at software.internet2.edu. NDT is Web100 kernel dependent, and therefore not being maintained as part of the perfSONAR project.

NPAD (Pittsburgh SC) – Like NDT, uses the applet/server model to expose flaws in last-mile networks and end-points. Includes diagserver daemon, NPAD applet, and diagclient command-line client. NPAD is Web100 kernel dependent, and therefore not being maintained as part of the perfSONAR project.

Web100 (Web10G) Currently, NPAD/diagserver and NDT/web100srv depend on the Web100 kernel patches to expose the inner workings of TCP in the Linux kernel. The Web100 project has been complete for several years, and meta patches to the kernel patches have been maintained in order to permit Web100 to be applied to newer kernels. Since 2010, a new project, called Web10G, has been developing a new generation of kernel instrumentation for Linux TCP. Work is being done to update NDT and NPAD, and perhaps replace them with something different. As of 2016, perfSONAR-related releases are planned to stop including Web100 patches.

perfSONAR-BUOY (Internet2) (historical, deprecated, as of ~toolkit v 3.2) – handled the scheduling, execution, and results archiving from regular tests.

ES.Net resources


An instructional site on doing research networking, including HOW-TOs on perfSONAR, host tuning, switch and router configuration, etc.

Global Node perfSONAR Node Directory

A search page for the pS Lookup Service. You can use it to find nodes offering services around the world.


Network Monitoring for OSG and LHC: Using perfSONAR-PS and the Modular Dashboard Shawn McKee, University Of Michigan, Honolulu, January 2013

NSRC perfSONAR Training Videos


Other Performance Resources

GEANT eduPERT knowledge base

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